Date Zero of Thirty or One of Thirty? That is the Question.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that the title of this post seems a little odd. After all, the whole point of my social experiment was to go on 30 Dates in 30 Weeks. Technically, yes I had a date last night… but there are circumstances surrounding the build up of this date that makes me think twice about counting it as one of my 30. Further, it seems that this date has opened up a whole new can of worms in terms of what are the ground rules/guidelines to this dating idea (this will be explained and outlined in a later post).

First off, I sought this individual out on Plenty of Fish; until I messaged him, he had no idea I even existed. This is generally a pretty good sign that a girl is interested you online. I wasn’t even thinking about the 30 Dates in 30 Weeks thing that I had already committed to… Seriously, the thought hadn’t occurred to me and I was genuinely interested in this guy.

After a while of conversing through Plenty of Fish, we eventually wound up text messaging each other over a “getting to know you” Q&A session. We mutually decided that we would like to meet each other. Later however, I realized that the topic of my blog never even arose – which wouldn’t be a big deal, but they are referenced on my dating profiles… so the information is out there if anyone so chooses to find it. I had no idea if he even knew about it and if he did not yet know about it, I was worried that this might put him off. I kinda felt like I needed to tell him about it if he hadn’t already seen it…

I asked Lizzy and Cherie (roommate and best friends, respectively) if I should bring up the subject of my blog during this date. After some general debate, it was decided that, yes, if the topic comes up I need to be able to talk about it, but I shouldn’t make it seem like the only reason I went out with him was to meet a quota. Like I said, I was actually really interested in him.

But now Lizzy and Cherie started asking me whether or not I was even going to consider him to be one of the thirty…  I kinda froze and had to give it some serious thought.  I had initiated a conversation and agreed to meet with a man who I had shown a true interest in with no intent of having him be part of this social experiment. Personally, I didn’t want him to be part of the 30 Dates in 30 Weeks. I kinda wanted him to be something different. Possibly even something more, who knows.

So then other questions were prompted by my best friends: What if I like this guy? What if he likes me? Would I still pursue this 30 Dates in 30 Weeks ordeal? Would he be ok with me doing it for the sake of the social experiment? Does the social experiment allow that the 30 Dates can be with the same person, or does it dictate that its has to be 30 different guys?

After review of my previous posts, there is no guideline structure to any rules that I have to follow or abide by… I can date 30 different guys in 30 weeks time; I can go on 6 dates with 5 guys (or any mathematical combination equating to 30 for that matter); or I could even go on 30 dates with just one guy. So its obvious that I need to set some ground rules. For instance, does it count if I ask them out or do they have to ask me out?

If I pursue this, I definitely need to come up with a guideline system… but the real question I have to answer first is do I include someone I may actually like into this social experiment or should I can it all together? Maybe this was not the greatest idea I’ve ever had…

Maybe I’ll get some input from anyone who has actually read this far…? Should last night’s date count as date Zero of Thirty (dictating that I see him as something more than a social experiment)? Or should last night’s date count as One of Thirty (dictating that even if I like him, it should still count as a date for sake of the social experimentation)?


9 Responses to “Date Zero of Thirty or One of Thirty? That is the Question.”

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