Date 3 of 30: The Unexpected Kick Back

So some of you already know this, but for those who don’t there is a personal background story that has to be told to give you insight to this “date” (for lack of a better term). On November 4, 2011, I was T-boned going through an intersection by a driver who ran a red light in the rain, going about 40 mph. The accident left me without a vehicle (even after the insurance payout) and as a result, I lost my job. Dating becomes a little more complicated when you have to explain all this to someone new and are unable to meet them somewhere because you don’t have a car… Anyways, I digress.

I recently got a job a little closer to home and my roommate is helping me out with the transportation to and from. Yesterday, I had a training orientation that I had to attend which was not exactly close to my house. My roommate was able to give me a ride there, but I had to find a way home. Luckily, the guy I had been talking to for about a week, offered to come and pick me up and give me a ride home. This, however, was the first time that I was going to be meeting him, and lets just say that I was dressed appropriately for work, but not necessarily a date. To make matters even more awkward, the zipper to my jeans decided it wanted to break on me right as I got to the orientation. So now, I had to meet this guy for the first time with a broken zipper and minimal hair and makeup. Not exactly my A-Game.

As an ice-breaker, I decided to pretty much tell him that had I known he’d be picking me up, I would’ve been a little more presentable as to try to make a good first impression. I honestly think it worked, because at the mention of my zipper dilemma, he started to laugh. Thank God! We went back to my house and a completely innocent afternoon of hanging out on the couch, getting to know each other better, watching TV. Ok… maybe not completely innocent, because yes, we did kiss, but other than that – innocent. I offered to make dinner for him in exchange for being kind enough to pick me up and take me home. 

Roommate got to meet him and everything, and so far, she approves. This is a big thing because often, my friends don’t like the guys I choose to date. This guy is a LOT different though. He’s awesome… he makes me laugh, he’s playful, considerate, didn’t attempt to sext me or anything leading up to meeting him – which is HUGE in my opinion. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more of this guy, and so far, we are planning to do something again sometime soon. This may be counting my chickens before they’ve hatched, but I kinda like this one.

SCORE: On a scale of 1-10, I give this date an 8.


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