The Pros And Cons Of Holiday Dating

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a rough time for people. There is so much coordinating of family and friends and work; conflicting schedules with numerous families between work and personal time; trying to plan parties, trying to attend parties; and then there’s always the stress of gift giving (which largely involves monetary woes). Often times, people break the bank in an attempt to impress their loved ones with lavish gifts, or rack up their credit cards and allow their “future selves” to deal with it. All of these things are difficult enough to deal with, but it’s exponentially harder when you are involved with another person in a relationship.

All of the aforementioned only adds to the stress that a relationship entails. Perhaps this is a reason that many relationships fail around the holidays. When people get overly stressed, we tend to not be so nice to be around… a person’s true colors are exposed, and often times are not well received by the other person in the relationship. Some couples try to tough it out through the holidays, while others cut their losses regardless of the repercussions of being single during the holidays.

Regardless of your status this year (whether you are single or hinged to someone else), I decided to make a list of pros and cons about relationships (or lack there of) around this time of year. Hopefully, you will agree with some of these and, who knows… maybe you’ll find something else to be thankful for this year.




  • You get to have the companionship of someone you care about;
  • You are likely to get laid;
  • You are (almost always) guaranteed a kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve; and,
  • You are probably guaranteed a gift from your significant other.


  • You have to deal with not just your family, but theirs too;
  • You have to spend additional money for gifts for your loved one and their family;
  • You have twice as much stress juggling two families (if not more); and,
  • Potential for more arguments over stupid things which can destroy a relationship.




  • You only have to deal with one family – your own;
  • You have more time to spend with your friends;
  • You get to save money on gifts; and,
  • You don’t have to deal with anyone else’s stress except for your own.


  • You feel like you’re alone. Yep that’s about it.


I’m sure I left a bunch of things off of those lists, and I’m sure each of you could come up with additional pros and cons to each. But the reality of the situation is that being single really isn’t that bad during the holidays. You have more free time to yourself and your family – which is really the most important thing about the holidays to begin with.

If you are currently in a relationship, be cognizant of the fact that many relationships fail around this time of year due to undue stress and how each partner deals with it. Try your best to keep communication and compromise open and honest. Try to avoid dealing with a potential break-up during or after the holidays. It is way more emotionally devastating to try to deal with that this time of year.

If you are starting out in what could potentially be a relationship, this is a good time of year to evaluate just what you mean to the other person. Both men and women make time in their busy lives and schedules to be with the person they are interested in. If they are making excuses as to why they can’t spend time with you over the holidays, then its a good indication that you don’t mean much to them and aren’t very high on their list of priorities.

If you are single, keep in mind that there are people in your life who LOVE you, and always have. Keep your ties to family and friends as tight as possible. Realize that there are still things to enjoy about the holidays even if you’re not with someone special. If it takes someone else to make you feel special, then you aren’t ready to be in a relationship to begin with. Yes, it’s the old cliché saying of you have to love yourself first. Enjoy the time you have being single, and remember that not everyone stays single forever.


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