The “Informant”

The other day I received a message on my preferred dating site (Plenty of Fish) from an unlikely individual. He simply wrote:

“You must have a lot of messages to pick from. Let me know the guys you are considering and I’ll check out their profiles then tell you who to go with. Don’t worry I won’t pick out someone who’s un-dreamy.”

In the spirit of this blog, I decided that this may be interesting to partake in to obtain unbiased male insight. I agreed and sent him the links of 5 individuals that I had been talking to as of late, telling him nothing more about any of them. What he sent me in return was honest, unbiased feedback; these are those results:

Profile #1:

“…Seems to be a bit of a bro type. Handsome with a lot of interests, which is good…
the dude is on paper what most girls look for. His profile is a little too perfect though. Like he knows what women want to hear. He even mentions wanting to be a firefighter! he doesn’t seem to be too much of an artistic type though, if that appeals to you.”

Profile #2:

“I must admit to rooting for this guy off the bat because he is 5’6”, but I’ll try to be objective. he is not as good-looking as the first dude. but he isn’t not good-looking either. His profile is refreshingly simple and straightforward. It seems sincere; like he really wants a relationship. And he has a good job. Seems like a real manly type; Not a wimp.”

Profile #3:

“Number three seems like he’s VERY social, and might get a lot of girl action. His looks are average to good but he is 5’10” which is a plus. honestly i was turned off by what he wrote about himself. He seems kind of corny…”

Profile #4:

“Number 4 is similar to the first guy, so out of the two take your pick. He seems nice though; friendly. Could be just a way of picking up chicks though, tough to tell. Good looking but too many shirtless photos. Probably has a lot of interest on here, so you might have to compete.”

Profile #5

“****ing hell! What is it with these guys and these shirtless photos!? Anyway, this guy seems kind of average but might be a lot of fun. Fairly direct what he is looking for which is a plus. Just seems ordinary, but that’s not a bad thing.”

My Informant left me with this, in conclusive summary:

“Bottom line #4 if you want a hook up and #2 if you want someone to date. I like this line the second guy wrote ‘I want to meet a girl who is unique, has her own style, and doesn’t care what others think about her’.”

Wow… funny you should mention that Mr. Informant… That’s the one I was rooting for too! (In reference to a previous blog Date 3 of 30: The Unexpected Kick Back.) I think I may like this Informant’s perspective.


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  1. Very interesting details you have remarked, thanks for posting.


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