I’ve Got A Date, I’ve Got A Date, I’ve Got A Date, Hey-Hey, Hey-Hey!

What is it about first dates that get you all giddy inside? It is an extreme overload of butterflies, anticipation, anxiety and excitement all rolled into one cohesive feeling which makes it almost un-descernable as to what it is that you’re really feeling.

I get messages DAILY from at least 5-10 guys on Plenty of Fish and OkCupid, however, I don’t respond to 99% of them. Can you blame me when all they say is “hi”? That leaves little to no room for conversation, so I simply just won’t respond. A lot of guys find this to be frustrating, but I mean seriously – would you just walk up to a girl in a bar and simply say “hi” and expect something to come of it? Anyways, I digress…

When you finally get a message from someone who is genuinely intriguing, and you hit it off in conversation, there’s generally something about it that makes you smile, even though you have not yet met the other person. It really goes to say something about someone if they can already make you smile, simply through the act of casual conversation online or via text message.

You can usually tell within the first 30 minutes of chatting with someone as to whether or not you want to meet the other individual. Its a comfortable feeling that you get; like “ok, I could meet this person and not feel like I’m going to get murdered…” (ok, so I’m exaggerating slightly on that one, but you catch my drift). If conversation flows through written word, chances are, it is likely to be just as smooth in person.

So this Thursday, is my date with said individual. I’m actually really excited and nervous at the same time. Excited for the normal meet and greet situation, but nervous for what may be in store after our date if we get along… We’re supposed to be going out for dinner (at an undetermined location) and then potentially out for his best friend’s birthday afterwards… Not gonna lie, there’s a little bit of pressure on me to not only make a good impression on him, but his friends as well if I will in fact be meeting them too. Definitely different from any other date I’ve been on.

So much for my hiatus… This will put me right back on track and par for course. I can’t wait until Thursday now!


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