Date 9 of 30: The Search Is Over – I Found Him!

Sometimes, you just happen to find exactly whatever it is that you’ve been looking for. Well, I’ve finally found him… and you all actually already know about him, if you read “Date 8 of 30: The Perfect Date“. We had date number two last night and it was every bit as great as I’d hoped it would be!


We had started with an unspecified time and ended up offering to pick me up as soon as I had woken up and gotten ready. When he picked me up, I gave him the biggest hug ever – I was really happy to see him and excited for the day we had in store. Being the musician/singer/songwriter/producer that he is, he let me listen to all of his stuff on the way to his house and even sang some of his stuff. Being a singer myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this – it’s like being serenaded. He has an amazing voice! (By the way, you should really check out his stuff – – he’s amazing, you won’t regret the 4 minutes it takes to listen to it, I promise!)


Anyways, when we got to his house, he made me the most amazing amazing sandwich – totally organic everything – I never knew that organic could taste SO GOOD! After lunch, it was time to watch “I hope they serve beer in Hell” – which happens to be one of my favorite books, but I had yet to see the movie. Mexican food for dinner at the local taco shop, and then homemade strawberry ice cream for desert, followed by an overnight stay made for a perfect combination of everything.


BAZINGA! Big Bang Theory merch!

I’ve never met anyone quite like him in my entire life. We are both intellectual individuals with a passion for knowledge, music, and everything in between. He gets me and understands me – which is truly something (I’m not sure if anyone ever noticed, but my blog’s actual web address is “conundrums wrapped in enigmas” for a reason…). I can be myself around him, without the fear that I’ll say or do something stupid. I’ve always (half jokingly) said that what I need is a Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory)… well, I think it’s safe to say that I found my Sheldon. But he’s better than Sheldon… he’s sexy as all hell, a complete gentleman, not socially awkward… he’s everything I could possibly want and more.


I actually deleted my OkCupid and Plenty Of Fish accounts this morning when I got home. I’m pretty damn sure I won’t be needing them anymore. So needless to say, I think my quest for 30 Dates in 30 Weeks has come to an end – when it’s something real between two  people, it’s something that you feel – without the need to communicate it.


This will not be the end of this dating blog, as I will continue my well received surveys such as “We Asked 10 Guys… They Answered” and “We Asked 10 Women… They Answered“, in an attempt to provide insight into the opposite sex and the trials and tribulations of people as they pursue the dating world. However, as for now, my search has come to an end. I feel like I may have found the yin to my yang; the peanut butter to my jelly; the man of my dreams that I’ve been searching for.



And just a tiny piece of additional information – the day that I started talking to him online, I had actually logged into my OkCupid account to delete it… I’m SO grateful that I didn’t, because otherwise, I would not have found him. Don’t give up on these dating sites, guys… you never know when your perfect match will find you, or visa-versa. Stick with it – you’ll find someone who’s perfect for you!


Oh! By the way… Keep your eyes peeled for a blooper blog that I’ll be releasing soon. It has some of the most randomly horrible messages that I’ve received on these dating sites – a great roadmap of the Do’s and Don’ts of the online dating world.


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