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November 29, 2011

The First Date List

So one of the issues I’ve encountered about the online dating community is when you finally decide you’d like to meet someone, the question that always arises is: What should we do/Where should we go? Obviously, for safety reasons, your best bet is meeting up at a public location… But usually you get the cliche Starbucks date or Dinner and a Movie idea. Don’t get me wrong, these are ok… if you’re cool with mediocre conversation and a lot of awkward silence during a movie… Not exactly the best ideas for a first date.

First dates should be fun and casual for both people. Sometimes, its good to find a fun place where you can joke around and play games – let a little competitive flirtation set the mood for the evening. I find “romantic” dinners WAY too formal for a first date – reserve that for someone special. And as previously stated, movies may not be the best route for a first date (although perfectly acceptable for a second) unless you’re ok with sitting new to someone you don’t even know for hours in silence.

With that out of the way, I took it upon myself to create a list of things I think would be awesome first date experiences. Personally (even as a native San Diegan), I have not gotten the opportunity to do most of the things that San Diego has to offer. I figured, why not make a list of them and see how many I can knock out during my quest to go on 30 Dates in 30 Weeks. And if cost in an issue (as is for a lot of people these days), rest assured that a lot of these first date ideas would cost you no more than the gas required to get there… Enjoy!

1. USS Midway Museum
2. Balboa Park
3. Comedy Club
4. Old Point Loma Lighthouse
5. Cabrillo National Monument
6. Coronado Bridge
7. Seaport Village
8. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
9. Sea World
10. The Wild Animal Park
11. The San Diego Zoo
12. Belmont Park
13. San Diego Museum of Art
14. Ruben H. Fleet Science Center
15. Museum of Photographic Arts
16. Miramar Speed Circuit
17. South Bay -or- Santee Drive In Movie Theatre
18. Mystery Cafe Dinner Theatre
19. Whaley House
20. Knott’s Soak City
21. Boomer’s
22. Miniature Golf
23. The Boardwalk
24. Bowling
25. Wine Tasting
26. Paintball
27. Hot Air Balloon Ride
28. Sculpture Garden
29. The Living Room
30. Dive Bar & a Game of Pool

Oh – and here is a link to the online dating sites that I use… It will take you to my profile in the event that you’d wanna get on the date list… =)

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