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January 10, 2012

A Little Game Of “Would You Rather” – The Men Answer

Have you ever wondered what a man’s preferences really are in relation to a woman’s appearance? Well, we decided to ask 10 men what they thought in a little game that I like to call “Would You Rather”. Most men fared the same in their responses in terms of what they prefer. So unless you get one of the guys who responded in the 20th percentile, chances are that most men will have the same preferences. Enjoy!


1. Would you rather have a woman with large breasts or small breasts?

Large Breasts: 80%

Small Breasts: 20%

Bottom line is that men truly do prefer bigger breasts… but most of us already knew that. Looks like its time to save up for a breast augmentation, ladies. In this instance, bigger really is better.


2. Would you rather have a woman with a flat stomach, or is ok to have a little bit of a tummy?

Flat Stomach: 20%

Little Tummy: 80%

Surprisingly, men are ok with their women having a little bit of a tummy. So stop stressing so much about being a size 2 – chances are, your man likes you for you – tummy or not.


3. Would you rather have a woman with a pretty face, or an amazing body?

Pretty Face: 90%

Amazing Body: 10%

Stop focusing on your bodies so much… men are more interested in the fact that you are visually attractive in the face. A pretty face is more likely to win over your man than a perfect, banging body.


4. Would you rather have a woman who wears makeup, or one who wears none?

Makeup: 10%

No Makeup: 90%

Most men prefer women that don’t need to wear makeup… apparently, it’s not hot or sexy when half of your face rubs off on their shirt when you hug them.


5. Does it matter if a woman has cellulite or stretch marks?

Yes: 20%

No: 80%

Guys are surprisingly accepting of our bodies… flaws and all.


6. Do you prefer women who have faux tans or women that are pasty white?

Fake & Bake: 20%

Pale Skinned: 80%

Natural tanning is good, but the orange Oompa Loompa look is not going to attract men. So stop wasting your money at the tanning salons… Men would rather date a pasty pale girl than one with skin cancer.


7. Do you prefer women with acrylic (fake) nails or a natural manicure?

Acrylics: 0%

Manicure: 100%

Not one man responded with liking acrylic nails… I think it actually freaks them out a little. Stop wasting your money and grow your nails out ladies.


8. Is it ok for women to be muscular?

Yes: 80%

No: 20%

Now, we’re not talking body-builder status, but for the most part, men think it’s perfectly ok for their woman to be toned.


9. Would you rather have a woman with a flat ass or junk in the trunk?

Flat Ass: 20%

Junk in the Trunk: 80%

Men like the booty… enough said.


10. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

Blondes: 20%

Brunettes: 80%

Surprisingly, the brunettes won this round. Who ever said blondes have more fun? Looks like brunettes do…

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