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November 29, 2011

30 Dates in 30 Weeks… Challenge Accepted.

So I have been frequenting these dating websites, seeing as its one of the simplest ways to meet new people outside of your niche these days… Online dating is often discredited by many people who think there are nothing but weirdos, creeps and losers on there, but when you open your mind and give it a chance its really not as bad as it seems.

So far I have met and gone on dates with three men from online dating sites such as Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid (personally, my two favorite sites), and I have developed friendships with many through casual conversation.

While none of them have really panned out for me in terms of a relationship, I have managed to develop friendships with many of them. And while the whole goal of a dating site is to find someone to start a relationship with, you can’t really complain about the friendships you make from them either, as you never would have even met these people if it weren’t for these online dating interfaces.

I am starting an experiment of sorts and I hope to be able to venture out and I’m going to try to get out of my comfort zone. 30 dates in 30 weeks (give or take) is my goal. My challenge is to accept every date offer, EVEN if the person may not fit the standard norm of “my type”. By doing this, I hope to be able to expand my horizons and if nothing else, make some new friends and try something new each time. What the hell, right?

This post will be followed up on a regular basis in an attempt to provide insight into the world of online dating. =)

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